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Curriculum and Education

Exceptional Education Anchored by Faith

Our Curriculum


St. John’s Catholic School cultivates wisdom through rich scholastics, living the virtues, and the appreciation of what is true, good, and beautiful.  Improved technologies have been important tools through the years, but the central focus is, and always has been, on our children and how our children best learn.      


In that spirit, St. John’s Catholic School is transitioning to a Classical based education model.  This is an educational methodology that has stood  the test of time.  Much of St. John’s instruction is derived from the basic tenets of this form of education; we are now making the focus more explicit.

Our goal is to provide a strong background in language and grammar, assist our students in applying these skills in a logical way, and then develop a proficiency in being able to discuss this knowledge in a variety of means.      


The result is that we are training our students in a way of learning, that can then be applied to mathematics, science, and other disciplines.           

Our Philosophy


Students are welcomed into a caring and stimulating environment where they learn to think independently, become socially competent, and make decisions based on Catholic teachings. Our school ministry is expressed in objectives of personal spirituality, social justice and fairness, and a rigorous academic program where curiosity and excellence are expected.

As Disciples of Christ, students, staff, and families are encouraged to show kindness, respect, and concern for others, for the school, and for the community. Each of us, as children of God, made in His image, has been given talents and gifts which must be respected, loved, and honored in His name.

The school is confident that in this environment where a strong sense of self, fostered by a well-balanced, challenging academic curriculum and supported by a rich and vibrant faith life, each child will grow in mind, body, and soul and succeed in God’s world.

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